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share real time images at a current event or see what others are up to at any location.

Tellus More 🙂


Experience dynamic media — like photos, videos, and GIFs – share, like, or reply to moments in your timeline – share a glimpse of your experince at an event.


See what events and hashtags are trending now Stay updated on the progress of events around you.


Tellus helps you connect with people all around the world , gives you the option to  to follow much people as possible and connect with them instantly 

Express Yourself and Connect With real people by discovering upcoming events and get inspired by fun memories at events. Message your friends in the DM. Start fun conversations about what you see on Feed and events.

Stop getting bored, search for events, find the one that fits you the most and participate

Cause the core of our app is experience sharing, post photos and videos of event you have participated or are participating so that other users can have a real idea of what’s going on